Poetry Collections

Bunch Grass, University of Washington Press, Seattle & London, 1969. 2nd edition, 1973

Ish River, North Point Press, San Francisco, 1983
(received the Washington Governor's Writers Award)

Poems from Ish River Country: Collected Poems & Translations, Shoemaker & Hoard, Washington, D.C., 2004

Taos Mountain, Poet's House Press, Anacortes, WA, 2007

Notes from Disappearing Lake: The River Journals of Robert Sund, Pleasure Boat Studio, New York, 2012

Poetry Chapbooks

Ish River Poets in Folio, (self published) 1965

In Praise of my Ink Bottle, (pamphlet) Double-Elephant Press, Seattle, 1971

Why I am Singing for the Dancer, Poets Press, Olympia, Washington, 1978

The Hides of White Horses Shedding Rain, Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend, Washington, 1981

How the Dancer is Carried into the Hall of Light, Sagittarius Press, Port Townsend, Washington, 1982

This Flower, The Great Blue Heron Society, La Conner, Washington, 1982

As Though the Word Blue had been Dropped into the Water, Sagittarius Press, Port Townsend, Washington, 1986, 2nd edition 1989, 3rd edition 1996

Shack Medicine, Poems from Disappearing Lake, Tangram Press, Berkeley, 1990 (reissued by The Robert Sund Poet's House Press, La Conner, (1992)

Home: A Prayer for the World Where You Found It, (pamphlet) Tangram Press, Berkeley, 1991

Bringing Friends Over, Haiku by Issa, Buson, Basho and Friends, Tangram Press, Berkeley, 2002


The Sullivan Slough Review,
Number 1, Spring, 1969